June 26, 2009
  Library on the Green
To design the new Monrovia Public Library, Pasadena, Calif.-based Gonzalez Goodale Architects navigated their way through historicist concerns coming from local groups and a shared sense of reverence toward a century-old park. The result is a classically framed library open to new information needs and technologies but firmly rooted in local tradition.

Student Housing Made to Last
The Steelhead Townhouses, designed by Eugene-based 2fORM Architecture, are everything privately developed student housing usually isn’t–modern and memorable, thoughtfully designed specifically for students, built sustainably using high-quality materials, and in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood.

Heart-of-Doha Design to Regenerate Qatar’s Landscape
The Heart of Doha, an urban plan for the historic center of the capital city of Qatar, is designed to transform the district into a network of sustainable interconnecting buildings, public squares, courtyards, and landscaped streets. The design, by Dohaland, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, creates a modern city within a city. The urban plan aims to make Doha, the seat of government of Qatar, a destination, combining community, heritage, and tradition. The project is planned for development between 2008 and 2016. The plan is estimated to be 760,000 square meters. The Heart of Doha is targeting LEED™ Gold.

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