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2016 TAP/CCA Innovation Award Recipients Announced

AIA's Technology in Architectural Practice and Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Communities proudly recognize the following recipients of the 2016 TAP/CCA Innovation Awards

People's Choice Award

Now that the recipients have been announced, it's your turn to select the People's Choice! Learn about the projects and let us know which one you think uses technology in new and innovative ways. Follow us @TAP_AIA and once you've voted, share your pick with #TAPyourchoice
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Astana Expo City 2017

Stellar Architecture - citation
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
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Jury Comments
This is a complex project with excellent coordination and analysis. Workflow analysis, performance metrics, and long term outlook are the way we should work everyday. It is an impressive use and integration of a number of technologies by a very large team to deliver a quality project in a short amount of time.

Epic Deep Space Auditorium

Stellar Architecture - Honorable Mention
Firm: cuningham group architecture, Inc.
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Jury Comments
This project seems to make the best case for innovative use of technology to achieve the result. Without their iterative process, it would have been very difficult to realize the project's success. The rolling roof forms and cave-inspired massing of the design called for a more organic development of the building structure and fa├žade than conventional BIM documentation would typically allow. Instead, a combination of hand sculpted, CNC, and laser-cut models were developed concurrently with a digital model in Grasshopper and Rhino; programs suited for generation of complex shape.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
Center for Advanced Care

Delivery Process Excellence - Citation
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Jury Comments
One coordinated BIM model led to project team's streamlining of process on a highly complex project. The "One model approach" is easier said than done, and they provided a level of coordination and precision that is not the norm.

Glazing and Thermal Comfort Analysis Tool

Practice-based Research/Academic/Curriculum/Applied Technology Development - Honorable Mention
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Jury Comments
It is innovative, collaborative, and the example of the kind of knowledge that needs to be at the fingertips of every designer when making decisions trading off between performance and cost. As a profession, we need to be able to make quick design decisions that include performance characteristics and long-term costs. A valuable resource accessible to students or experienced professional alike. It synthesizes a lot of complicated factors under a user-friendly hood, and then helps you understand the results.

Youth & Opportunity United Headquarters

Exemplary use in a Small Firm - Citation
Studio Talo Architecture
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Jury Comments
This is a compelling story of bringing youth engagement into architecture through the use of VR. Very creative use of technology, low cost, high impact. The Inclusion of local context and the kids that the non-profit benefits make the interactive panoramas more appealing to potential donors and community members. Reminds us there are affordable paths to VR, particularly for stakeholder and user groups who need more than plans and renderings to understand a proposed design.
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