May 16, 2008
  Scents and Sensibility
Scentworld conference upcoming as scent delivery market grows; what you need to know conceptually, technically about scent delivery in building spaces
The properties of scent are influencing designs for high-end hotels, stores, offices, and homes worldwide, according to the Scent Marketing Institute, which claims an increasing number of architects and designers are contacting them about how scent delivery concepts work, what popular scents make a space inviting, and how scents can be mixed and matched. The Scent Marketing Institute's first Scentworld conference and expo will be held June 29–July 1 in New York City. The event will focus on the use of scent in buildings. Five hundred attendees are expected, including fragrance manufacturers, architects and designers, marketers, advertisers, retailers, and equipment manufacturers.

Catch 22: Withholding Payment Certifications
In their first risk management article since 2007, Jim Atkins, FAIA, and Grant Simpson, FAIA, take on the conundrum of what one might do when confronted with a project that is past its scheduled completion and heading toward going over budget. Withholding payment certification might result in stopped work, but certifying for payment could put the client in an untenable position. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

Fuel Cell Flex
The Canadian NRC fuel cell lab is developing some of the world’s most advanced fuel cell technology. But what if that technology fails to produce?—No problem.
Bunting Coady Architect’s National Research Council Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation uses diffused programming to meet its dual goals of flexibility and safety. This LEED® Gold-rated building was developed using the firm’s own integrated design process.

AIA Creates ARE 4.0 Resource Center
The new version of the Architecture Registration Exam, ARE® 4.0 is now upon us. Candidates who passed at least one division in ARE 3.1 by May 15 may continue testing in 3.1.and have one year to finish in this version. Those who have not yet passed a test will begin in ARE 4.0. To help AIA firms and components guide their ARE candidates, the AIA has created a Web-based resource center for ARE 4.0 preparedness, where you will find frequently asked questions, updates on ARE 4.0-ready instructors and study materials, and insight into the thoughts and concerns that are part of this big change. Visit the Web site today to make sure your firm or component is ready for ARE 4.0.

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