december 15, 2006
  AIA Strategic Plan Now Live Online
In a quest for continuity, consistency, and accountability, the AIA has adopted a new approach to setting direction for the Institute. The result is the 2007 Strategic Plan, which members can now access online. The Web page includes an interactive overview; a video welcome and summary from AIA EVP/CEO Chris McEntee; the complete document, which can be downloaded; and a blog where you can share comments. Take a look at our future direction.

Nominations for Secretary of the College of Fellows
The 2006 College of Fellows Nominating Committee is soliciting nominations for Secretary for 2007–2009, to be presented for consideration at the annual COF business meeting at the AIA convention in May 2007. Nominations are due by February 5, 2007.

Talent Shortage? How to Win With Who You’ve Got
Smart managers realize they need to retain people on staff to keep the company running. So, although, under better circumstances, they might move along those “less spectacular” performers, they know that in a tight talent market, the key is to work effectively with who you have. Management Consultant Vince Thompson, former executive with AOL, offers a three-pronged plan to help the people on your team do better and perform to expectations.

What You Need to Know About the New ADA/ABA-AG Standards, but Were Afraid to Ask

Universal accessibility has long been a requirement for most built works in the U.S. Requirements can be confusing and sometimes contradictory, however. Addressing this dilemma, accessibility expert John P. S. Salmen, AIA, has developed a quarterly periodical to keep design professionals abreast of developments, the Universal Design Newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the October 2006 edition highlighting the top 10 awareness items for the upcoming 2007 version of the ADA/ABA Accessibility Guidelines.

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Welcome to the Practice Zone
This is the home of the weekly Best Practices column, news of tips and tools that you can use in your day-to-day practice and case studies illustrating “how-tos” and “lessons learned” for all stages of practice. The Practice Zone also features reports of research in architecture and related fields.