August 1, 2008
Letters to the Editor

Summary: This week, we have letters about Jim Atkins’ Duomo series, our tribute to Wendell Campbell, and a response to last week’s tome on global warming.

Re: Il Duomo: Brunelleschi and the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore

I wanted to extend my thanks to Mr. Atkins for his series of articles related to the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. Last year we visited Florence for the first time in our lives and now every month I am reminded of this great trip through the reading of this series of articles. Brunelleschi’s Dome, by Ross King was a novel I have since read on several occasions, but reading these brief snippets each month is the highlight for me in AIArchitect each month. Continued success. Thank you.

—Anthony Kenney, AIA
Bradfield, Richards, Rhodes & Associates, Architects Inc.

Re: Remembering a Gentle Giant, Wendell Campbell

Thank you for your insightful article on Mr. Wendell Jerome Campbell. As a child, I walked past his architecture firm on 140th and Elm Street in East Chicago, Ind. He was a member of my family. He was influential in my decision to become a designer. Thank you so very much for this article.

—Debra Gill-Mason, OBD, ASID, IIDA, IFDA
Visually Inclined Design Authority
Leland, N.C.

Re: Letters to the Editor—Re: A Way to Reduce Carbon Reduction

The majority thinks the world is round. It is not always wrong. Twain said “pause and reflect.” I would think that the loss of the glaciers and the polar melting would give JG plenty to reflect on. Perhaps he or she is not pausing long enough?

—Enoch Lipson, AIA
New York City

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