AIA Sustainability

What is the AIA Doing?

The AIA's Position on High Performance Buildings & Rating Systems

The AIA recognizes a growing body of evidence that demonstrates current planning, design, construction, and real estate practices contribute to patterns of resource consumption that seriously jeopardize the future of the Earth's population. Architects need to accept responsibility for their role in creating the built environment and, consequently, believe we must alter our profession's actions and encourage our clients and the entire design and construction industry to join with us to change the course of the planet's future. AIA High Performance Buildings Position Statement

The AIA Sustainability Discussion Group's Definition of Sustainability and Carbon Reduction

Sustainability envisions the enduring prosperity of all living things. Sustainable design creates communities and buildings that advance enduring public and environmental well-being.

While the SDiG understands and endorses the broadest definition of sustainable design, it seeks action on a critical, focused, measurable, and achievable priority: carbon neutral buildings and communities by 2030.

AIA's Carbon Emission Reduction Targets

By 2010: New Buildings - 50%
2010 – 60%
2015 – 70%
2020 – 80%
2025 – 90%
2030 - net zero carbon emissions

50% of What?

Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey 2003 (CBECS)
Regionalized and type specific
Measured in kBTU/sf/year

AIA's Sustainable Ratings Systems

Private green building rating systems are another important tool in building green because they help to transform this design goal into specific performance objectives and provide a framework to assess the overall design. In order to increase the architect's ability to advocate for green buildings, in December 2005, the AIA Board of Directors passed a Sustainable Rating Systems Position Statement. The position establishes general support for green building rating systems and identifies criteria that the Institute deems important for inclusion in any green rating program. It is important to note that the AIA position does not endorse any specific green building rating system; rather, it establishes specific criteria that architects deem important for inclusion in any green rating system.