"Unable to create directory" error message

Technical Issue Description


When attempting to launch the AIA Contract Documents software, the user receives an Unable to Create Directory error message.




This error occurs when the software fails to access one or more of the designated data directories (Active, Archive, Party Library and Custom). Normally this occurs when the AIA Contract Documents software is configured so that one or all of the data folders are stored on a shared network drive. The software will not launch if the user is not logged into the network, the shared drive is unavailable, or if the user does not have read/write access to the folder(s) in question. To correct the problem:

  1. Restart your PC.

  2. Log on to your network. 

  3. Launch AIA Contract Documents software.                                                                                       

If the software still fails to launch, consult with your systems administrator and verify both network connectivity and your permissions to the AIA Contract Docs data folders.