"Cannot locate license file" message

Technical Issue Description


When using the document converter in the new AIA Contract Documents software, the user double-clicked on the list of EF 3.0 files available to be converted to PDF and received the following error message: Cannot Locate License File.




All EF 3.0 files have an .aia extension. Double-clicking on the EF 3.0 file causes your PC to attempt to launch the EF 3.0 software, and may cause the EF 3.0 software to use up 99 percent of the system's available resources, thereby slowing down all other activities on the PC.


To stop this process:


  1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard at same time.

  2. Select the Task Manager option.

  3. Select the tab labeled Processes.

  4. Highlight the entry labeled aia30.exe.

  5. Click the End Process button.

  6. Return to the document converter and continue the steps to convert your document.  

Tip: When selecting a file to convert, click on the file only once, NOT twice, to avoid launching EF 3.0.