C401™–2007 Architect-Consultant Agreement




What are the main differences between C401™–2007 and C141™–1997?




AIA Document C401™–2007, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant, has been substantially shortened and streamlined from its predecessor document, C141™–1997. C401 incorporates by reference a pre-existing Owner-Architect agreement known as the Prime Agreement. C401 uses a flow-down provision to incorporate the rights and responsibilities that the Owner and Architect have with respect to each other in the Prime Agreement, and to extend those rights and responsibilities to the Architect and Consultant.


Other major differences between C401 and C141 are that C401 includes a standard of care for the Consultant, a provision where types and limits of insurance the Consultant is required to carry may be stated, a revision of the binding dispute resolution provision so that the parties may select alternatives to arbitration, and indemnification provisions requiring the Architect and Consultant to indemnify one another from third party claims.


C401 has been developed to be suitable for use with all types of Consultants, including consulting architects.





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