Call for papers                      August 2009

Abstracts due                      15 October 2009

Acceptance notification     19 Nov. 2009

Full paper due                      15 March 2010

Acceptance notification      April 2010

Early registration deadline  7 May 2010

Registration deadline           4 June 2010

Final paper due                     15 Sept. 2010

updated February 2011


Organizing Committee

Victor Dzidzienyo, Chair, Howard University
Richard L. Hayes, American Institute of Architects, Washington DC
Michelle Rinehart, The Catholic University
Madlen Simon, University of Maryland
Virginia Ebbert, American Institute of Architects, Washington DC
Ebbe Harder, Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts (EAAE Liaison)
J. Brooke Harrington, Temple University
Jeremy Voorhees, Temple University
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The Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) are holding their joint 2010 Architectural Research Conference in Washington DC USA. The conference is to serve as a forum for the dissemination and discussion of architectural research issues, concerns, findings, approaches, philosophies, and potentials, The Consortium welcomes researchers, educators, practitioners and scholars in architecture, landscape architecture, and planning to become involved. The final session themes of the conference will be formed to reflect the diversity of the presenters’ work and investigations.

The growing interest in performance-based architecture energizes our discipline to engage in rigorous research. What is the place of research in the discipline of architecture? Where does research enter into the practice and pedagogy of architecture? How do architecture schools teach research methods and engage students in meaningful investigations? How do practices conduct research and apply findings in the design process? How does society recognize the importance of research in architecture? What funding sources exist for architectural research? What is the place of pure research? … applied research? Multiple questions emerge in our diverse field. A focus on seven modes of research begins to reveal the scope of the discipline. Environmental Research investigates the physical context of architecture, opening timely questions about the influence of society on environment. Cultural Research studies place-making and the norms of the inhabitants of natural and built places past, present, and future. Social Research examines the people who inhabit and use the spaces of architecture. Technological Research studies the physical materials, methods, elements, systems, and science of architecture and the design and construction processes. Design Research considers the processes of shaping and making of places. Organizational Research examines the ways in which individuals and teams collaborate in the practice of architecture and in the client organizations. Educational Research examines the pedagogies of architecture and related fields. Unifying our discipline is the underlying concern with the research of place. The mission of this international research conference is to consider significant and rigorous investigations that will engage participants in dialogue about the place of research and the research of place in the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and related fields.

Conference Hosts

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