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aiarchitect | volume 16   the news of america’s community of architects August 14, 2009
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Architecture: Celebrating the Past, Designing the Future
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› Louisiana 1
› Maryland 2
› Michigan 3
› Missouri 3
› Montana 1
› Nevada 2
› New Jersey 1
› New York 6
› North Carolina 3
› Ohio 1
› Oregon 1
› Pennsylvania 3
› Tennessee 3
› Texas 5
› Utah 1
› Virginia 2
› Washington 5
› Wisconsin 7
› Nationwide 8
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Green Your Way Out of the Recession with Energy Efficiency Upgrades
It’s no secret that policymakers are looking to the development of a green economy and green collar jobs as a cornerstone of recovering from the recession.
Full story

Melinda Dodson, FRAIA
When she was inaugurated in May, Melinda Dodson became the second woman and, at 39 years old, the youngest architect ever to head the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Dodson would like her term as national president to be defined by a commitment to reducing the negative effects on climate that result from design and construction activities.
Full story

Listen to the PodcastFocus on Design and Global Practice
Cameron Sinclair, cofounder of Architecture for Humanity, speaks to AIArchitect Contributing Editor Michael J. Crosbie, AIA. Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit that offers design services to communities in need.
Full story

Charles Gwathmey In Memoriam
Charles Gwathmey, FAIA, who died August 3, is known for many things—one of the New York Five and life-long adherent to their Modernist principles, cofounder of 1982 AIA Firm Award recipient Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, designer for the rich and famous, and much more. On a more personal note, here he is remembered by Christopher Coe, AIA, as a remarkable mentor.

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