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aiarchitect | volume 15 the news of america’s community of architects September 19, 2008
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The BIG Book Commemorating 150 Years of Architecture—Now Reduced
Questions Regarding the AIA Contract Documents 2007 Update?
Bear Creek Lumber and Sub-Zero Freezer Company
What is AIA Alabama up to?
Save up to 21 percent on select FedEx® services
Family Insurance: Consider 10-Year Level Term Life Insurance for Your Family
MasterSpec offers special discounts for AIA members
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› Architect 61
› Architectural Intern 11
› Computer Aided Design 4
› Construction Management 6
› Engineering 2
› Healthcare Architect 3

› Interior Design 6
› Landscape Architecture 1
› Marketing 5
› Planning 10
› Project Manager 25
› Security Design 2
› Specifications 4
› Alabama 1
› California 12
› Connecticut 1
› D.C. 8
› Florida 1
› Hawaii 1
› Illinois 2
› Louisiana 1
› Maine 2
› Maryland 6
› Michigan 2
› Missouri 1
› Nevada 1
› New Hampshire 1
› New York 2
› North Carolina 9
› Ohio 1
› Pennsylvania 3
› Texas 4
› Washington 7
› Wyoming 1
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All-in-One BIM
A hallmark of building information modeling (BIM) technology is flexibility, the freedom to use whichever tool will do the best job for the task at hand.
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Michael Selditch worked for 14 years as an architect, then used his skills as an architect to switch his career to television and film. His newest television series is Architecture School, a six-part reality show that follows Tulane School of Architecture students as they design and build homes for struggling New Orleanians
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Why Bail Out Morons and Scofflaws?
Did you buy a house you couldn't afford in the last five years? Did you believe that 0% down and zero principal ARM loans would be a good idea? Probably not. But apparently a lot of people did. And now you and I have to pay off on those loans.

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