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aiarchitect | volume 15 the news of america’s community of architects February 1, 2008
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Can Affordable Housing Be Sustainable?
Affordable housing in this country has usually meant “cheap,” “flimsy,” and in its worst cases, “antisocial,”—the very antithesis of sustainable,” notes Michael J. Crosbie, PhD, AIA. But if one expands the notion of what affordable housing can achieve, sustainability becomes a vital part of it, as Crosbie’s examples show.
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J. Robert Hillier, FAIA, began Hillier Architecture as a sole practitioner in Princeton in 1966 and built it into one of the largest and most respected architecture practices in the country. On January 12, AIA New Jersey bestowed on him its Michael Graves Lifetime Achievement Award.
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The 2030 Challenge
Ed Mazria, FAIA, held his second Web conference “teach in” January 30. His message is constant even as the global atmospheric ppm of carbon dioxide, temperatures, and sea levels rise. Stop burning coal and start converting to solar and other renewable power sources, he says. Even if you are on board, do you think there can be a real shift to wind power, or is he tilting at windmills?
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