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aiarchitect | volume 15 the news of america’s community of architects January 18, 2008
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Designing Sustainable Schools by Alan Ford
Questions Regarding the AIA Contract Documents 2007 Update?
What Is a Cornerstone Partner?
What Is AIA North Carolina up to?
Save on Technology with Dell
Free Condo Risk Management Tools
Visit the AIA Career Center to view/post openings. You can sort the complete list by keyword, category, job level, job type, and location. › Academic Faculty 3
› Architect 97
› Architectural Intern 17
› Computer Aided Design 8
› Construction Management 11
› Engineering 5
› Facilities Management 2
› Graphic Design 5
› Healthcare Architect 6

› Industrial Design 3
› Interior Design 17
› Jobs at the AIA 3
› Landscape Architecture 3
› Marketing 3
› Planning 8
› Project Manager 36
› Security Design 1
› Specifications 3
› Alabama 7
› Arkansas 1
› California 20
› Colorado 1
› D.C. 4
› Florida 1
› Georgia 1
› Illinois 5
› Iowa 2
› Maryland 2
› Michigan 2
› Minnesota 1
› Missouri 2
› Nevada 1
› New Jersey 2
› New Mexico 1
› New York 6
› North Carolina 19
› Oregon 1
› Pennsylvania 3
› Tennessee 2
› Texas 4
› Virginia 5
› Washington 7
› Wisconsin 1
  Executive Editor Douglas E. Gordon, Hon. AIA
Managing Editor Stephanie Stubbs, Assoc. AIA
Associate Editor Tracy Ostroff
Associate Editor Russell Boniface
Associate Editor Zachariah Mortice
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Contributing Editors: James Atkins, FAIA; Kermit Baker, PhD,
Hon. AIA; Michael J. Crosbie, AIA, PhD; John P. Eberhard, FAIA; Stephen A. Kliment, FAIA; Heather Livingston; Grant Simpson, FAIA; Michael Tardif, Assoc. AIA, Tony P. Wrenn, Hon. AIA.

Workflow: The Mantra for 2008
Contributing Editor Michael Tardif talks about streamlining business processes and the role of BIM.
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Randy Peterson, FAIA, president and CEO of HMC Architects in San Diego, has instituted an annual benefit program that offers his employees the chance to live out their dreams.
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Gratitude to Yale Art and Architecture
Reading about the restoration of Paul Rudolph’s Yale Art and Architecture building brought Managing Editor Stephanie Stubbs back to architecture school late-night studio debates about the merits and foibles of Brutalism, Rudolph’s parti, and the involvement of users in the design process, she writes. Which buildings caused a buzz in your studio?
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From everything you’ve gathered from the media in the past week, what is your confidence in the U.S. economy in general?
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› Change the World: Harnessing BIM Technology and Integrated Project Delivery for Sustainable Design
› Third is a series of health-care basics to take place February 19, 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET