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aiarchitect | volume 14 the news of america’s community of architects november 30, 2007
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Doodles: A Really Giant
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Questions Regarding the AIA Contract Documents 2007 Update?
What Is a Cornerstone Partner?
What Is AIA Illinois up to?
Dell Delivers Savings
Consider 10-Year Level Term
Life Insurance for Your Family
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› Interior Design 12
› Jobs at the AIA 2
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› Project Manager 33
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› Colorado 3
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› Nevada 2
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› New Mexico 1
› New York 3
› North Carolina 17
› Ohio 1
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› Oregon 6
› Pennsylvania 2
› South Carolina 1
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› Texas 3
› Virginia 7
› Washington 9
› Wisconsin 1
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Preparing for the “Inconvenient Truth”
“What will architecture students and architects need to grapple with the effects of global warming and speak “inconvenient truth” to power?” asks Contributing Editor Michael J. Crosbie, PhD, AIA. He tells us that the recent Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Administrators Conference, hosted by the University of Minnesota, may have glimpsed some answers.
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Congressman Earl Blumenauer
(D-Ore.) was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996. A staunch advocate of the architecture profession and built environment, the congressman is committed to promoting livable communities at the federal level.
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In his new book, Architecture of the Absurd, John Silber, Hon. AIA, argues that form meant to please one’s self (or one’s theoretician cronies) is architecturally irresponsible. Whimsy is okay, he opines (he lauds Gaudí), but, as he states in his subtitle, “‘genius’ disfigured a practical art.”
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