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aiarchitect | volume 14 the news of america’s community of architects october 19, 2007
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It’s Not Always About BIM
Columnist Michael Tardif, Assoc. AIA, says that BIM’s “slovenly distant relation” at a firm’s holiday table is internal information management. Tardif outlines tools created by Newforma and road tested by Mackey Mitchell Architects that clean up information management’s act.
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Andrew Charles Yanoviak, AIA, is an environmental and codes specialist in Honolulu and a long-time advocate of the AIA.
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Do Competitions Create Homogeneity?
In 2002 as we were preparing for the first Solar Decathlon, Richard King, the director of the competition from the outset, opined that the first one would be the most interesting. The whole concept was new, sort of like a solar Wild West and the variety would be at its peak. The reason, of course, is that contestants study the top-placing entries and emulate them for the next event. And isn't this how styles are born?

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