June 19, 2009
  LEED-Worthy Before Its Age
While LEED for new construction continues to gain popularity, its younger sister, LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance, is also gaining ground. An example is Securian Financial Group’s 401 Building, whose owners and operators are finding they can attain it without retrofits as long as the building was designed to a high-efficiency standard to begin with.

Design Student Studios Offer Real-World Experience for Students
With heightened awareness of the job market they are about to enter, architecture students are increasingly taking advantage of academic courses that broaden their practice management skills and business acumen.

Youth-Led Construction Team Builds Developing World Connections with Community Center
As he’s done in previous years, Anthony Laney, Assoc. AIA, a young architect from Los Angeles, is preparing to take a group of high school students to Oaxaca, Mexico, this summer to work on building neighborhood infrastructure projects and mission work with his church. On these trips, he’s noticed that it’s the physical act of making and construction that most intrigues young people about architecture, far from the notion of architects as detached designers.

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