February 27, 2009
  112 Elevated to Fellowship, 9 to Hon. FAIA
This is the profession’s opportunity to be part of a solid recovery

Summary: The 2009 AIA Jury of Fellows elevated 112 AIA members to its prestigious College of Fellows, an honor awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the profession.

The 2009 Fellows will be honored at an investiture ceremony at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on May 1 during the 2009 AIA National Convention.

The Fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of architects as individuals, but also their significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

2009 Fellows
Out of a total AIA membership of nearly 86,000, there are fewer than 2,765 distinguished with the honor of fellowship. The elevation to fellowship is conferred on architects with at least 10 years of membership in the AIA who have made significant contributions in one or more of the following nomination categories:

  1. Promoted the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession
  2. Advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice
  3. Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA and other related professional organizations
  4. Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment
  5. Made the profession of ever-increasing service to society

Included in the list below are the category for which the member was elevated and his or her component affiliation.

Dennis Andrejko (2–Education) AIA Buffalo/Western New York
Jon Baker (5–Volunteer Work) AIA San Diego
Daniel Barnum (5–Service to Society) AIA Houston
Raymond Beets Jr. (2–Practice) AIA Houston
Martha Bennett (3–Led the Institute) AIA Denver
Glenn Birx 2 – Practice AIA Baltimore
Marlon Blackwell (1–Design) AIA Arkansas
William Browne Jr. (1–Design) AIA Indianapolis
Geoffrey Brune (2–Education) AIA Houston
Steven Burns (5–Alternative Career) AIA Chicago
Barbara Campagna (1–Preservation) AIA Washington DC
Arthur Cohen (2–Practice) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
James Collins Jr. (1–Design) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
John Cook (2–Practice) AIA Minneapolis
Richard Dallam (2–Practice) AIA Seattle
Elizabeth Danze (2–Education) AIA Austin
Ronald Dennis (2–Practice) AIA Dallas
Richard Diedrich (2–Practice) AIA Atlanta
Fernando Domenech Jr. (1–Design) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Kenneth Drucker (1–Design) AIA New York Chapter
Donna Dunay (2–Education) AIA Blue Ridge
Walter Eckenhoff (5–Service to Society) AIA Chicago
George Efstathiou (2–Practice) AIA Chicago
Carl Elefante (2–Practice) AIA Potomac Valley
Antonio Fiol-Silva (1–Urban Design) AIA Philadelphia
Jonathan Fischel (3–Led the Institute) AIA Chicago
David Fong (2–Practice) AIA San Francisco
Belmont Freeman (3–Led Related Organization) AIA New York Chapter
Jeanne Gang (1–Design) AIA Chicago
Louis Garapolo (5–Service to Society) AIA Chicago
Rolando Garcia (3–Led the Institute) AIA Lower Rio Grande Valley
Michael Gebhart (1–Design) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
G. Michael Gehring (2–Practice) AIA Los Angeles
Joseph Gonzalez (1–Design) AIA Chicago
Christopher Grabé (1–Design) AIA New York Chapter
John Grady (1–Design) AIA New York Chapter
David Graham (2–Practice) AIA Minneapolis
Alan Greenberger (5–Service to Society) AIA Philadelphia
David Greusel (2–Practice) AIA Kansas City
Ronald Gronowski (2–Practice) AIA Portland
Peter Grueneisen (2–Practice) AIA Los Angeles
Eric Haesloop (1–Design) AIA San Francisco
Walter Hainsfurther (3–Led the Institute) AIA Northeast Illinois
Cara Hall (2–Practice) AIA Eastern Oklahoma
Kevin Harris (2–Practice) AIA Baton Rouge
David Hart (4–Government/Industry) AIA Utah
John Hayes (5–Volunteer Work) AIA Philadelphia
John Hedge Jr. (2–Practice) AIA Columbus
Robert Heineman (5–Alternative Career) AIA Houston
Robert Heintges (2–Practice AIA) New York Chapter
Susan Hensey (2–Practice) AIA North Carolina
Mark A. Hewitt (2–Research) AIA New Jersey
Jerri Holan (2–Practice) AIA San Francisco
Mickey Jacob (3–Led the Institute) AIA Tampa Bay
Donald Jacobs (5–Service to Society) AIA Orange County
Lance Josal (2–Practice) AIA Dallas
Bruce Justice (3–Led Related Organization) AIA Richmond
Donna Kacmar (2–Education) AIA Houston
Aram Kailian (4–Government/Industry) AIA Washington DC
James Kirkpatrick (3–Led the Institute) AIA Fort Worth
John Klockeman (3–Led the Institute) AIA Minneapolis
Elisabeth Knibbe (1–Preservation) AIA Detroit
Sheryl Kolasinski (4–Government/Industry) AIA Washington DC
George Kunihiro (2–Education) AIA Japan
Emily Little (1–Preservation) AIA Austin
Steven Loomis (2–Practice) AIA Hampton Roads
Stephen Loos (3–Led the Institute) AIA Colorado North
Forrest Lott (3–Led the Institute) AIA Savannah
Patrick Loughran (2–Research) AIA Chicago
Douglas Lowe (5–Service to Society) AIA Los Angeles
Frank Lupo (1–Design) AIA New York Chapter
Jay Macaulay (4–Government/Industry) AIA Dallas
David Manfredi (1–Design) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Frank Mascia (2–Practice) AIA Southern Arizona
Garrett Maupin (3–Led the Institute) AIA Alaska
Nancy McCoy (1–Preservation) AIA Dallas
Linda McCracken-Hunt (2–Practice) AIA Minneapolis
Ferdinando Micale (1–Urban Design) AIA Philadelphia
Sigrid Miller Pollin (2–Education) AIA Western Massachusetts
David Moon (3–Led the Institute) AIA San Diego
Anita Moran (2–Practice) AIA Dallas
Lorcan O'Herlihy (1–Design) AIA Los Angeles
Susan Oldroyd (2–Practice) AIA San Francisco
Patricia Oliver (2–Education) AIA Los Angeles
Melinda Pearson (3–Led Related Organization) AIA Lincoln
Joanna Pestka (4–Public Service Work) AIA New York Chapter
Thomas Posedly (5–Volunteer Work) AIA Phoenix Metro
Travis Price III (2–Practice) AIA Washington DC
Beverly Prior (2–Practice) AIA San Francisco
William Rakatansky (2–Education) AIA North Carolina
Gerald Reifert (2–Practice) AIA Seattle
Gregory Roberts (2–Practice) AIA Houston
Jack See Jr. (5–Volunteer Work) AIA Arkansas
Annabelle Selldorf (1–Design) AIA New York Chapter
Martha Seng (2–Practice) AIA Houston
C. Terry Shook (2–Practice) AIA North Carolina
Gary Siebein (2–Education) AIA Gainesville
Lynn Simon (2–Education) AIA San Francisco
Sylvia Smith (2–Practice) AIA New York Chapter
Bruce Starkweather (5–Service to Society) AIA Central Valley
Terry Steelman (1–Design) AIA Philadelphia
James Suehiro (2–Practice) AIA Seattle
Philip Szostak (5–Alternative Career) AIA North Carolina
J Frano Violich (1–Design) Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Cheryl Walker (2–Practice) AIA North Carolina
Todd Walker (1–Design) AIA Memphis
James Washington Jr. (3–Led Related Organization) AIA New Orleans
Anne Weber (1–Preservation) AIA New Jersey
Kendall Wilson (1–Design AIA) Washington DC
Peter Winters (3–Led Related Organization) AIA Dallas
Anna Wu (4–Government/Industry) AIA North Carolina
John Yonushewski (2–Practice AIA) Denver

2009 Honorary Fellows
Honorary fellowship is bestowed on architects of esteemed character and distinguished achievements who are neither U.S. citizens nor U.S. residents and who do not primarily practice architecture within the domain of the Institute.

Chang Qing, China
Smiljan Clarke, Chile
Jo Coenen, The Netherlands
Nela De Zoysa, Sri Lanka
Bruno Gabbiani, Italy
Winy Maas, Netherlands
Manfredi Nicoletti, Italy
Yolanda Reyes, Philippines
Cristian Undurraga, Chile

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2009 AIA College of Fellows Jury
Chair Walter Schamu, FAIA, Schamu Machowski Greco Architects
Henry C. Alexander Jr., FAIA, Rizo, Carreno & Partners
Phillip H. Gerou, FAIA, Gerou & Associates, Ltd.
Allan W. Kehrt, FAIA, KSS Architects LLP
Paula J. Loomis, FAIA, EDAW
Robert D. Loversidge, FAIA, Schooley Caldwell Associates
Jim W. Sealy, FAIA, Jim Sealy Architect/Consultant.

2009 AIA Honorary Fellows Jury
Honorary fellows are chosen by the jury of fellows with the addition of:
Lee A. Polisano, FAIA, Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects PC
Marilyn J. Taylor, FAIA, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, LLP.