June 8, 2007
  AIArchitect Now Accepting Fantasy Architecture Submissions

The fantastic, the impossible, the improbable, or the just ahead of its time—AIArchitect wants to see it all for our first-ever theme issue later this summer. The July 27 edition of AIArchitect will be liberated from the confines of physics, cost, and function to present our readers with the best in fantasy design for design’s sake. But we need your help! If you’ve got a project—built or unbuilt—that fulfills your fantasy (or your client’s), please submit a one-page description and no more than five JPEG files of your design to Managing Editor Stephanie Stubbs. All submissions must be received via e-mail by June 22 and will be selected for publication by the AIArchitect staff.

(The drawing is “Tree House,” by Fred Bartels, published on Fantasy Buildings in Google 3D Warehouse.)

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