december 8, 2006
  Architects Demonstrate the Value of Community Design Through New Web Site
The new AIA Center for Communities by Design Web resource demonstrates the expertise architects contribute to community design. This first group of eight award-winning projects demonstrates how intense citizen involvement through public meetings, charrettes, and stakeholder interviews informed all of the plans.

JFR06: Meet Today’s Best Justice Facilities
Of the 36 projects selected for publication this year in its 2006 Justice Facilities Review (JFR06), the Committee on Architecture for Justice cites 7 as outstanding. “The projects judged to be most successful,” notes Justice Facilities Review Chair Frank J. Green, AIA, “share traits of site strategies that make meaningful relationships between building and community, have building expressions that invite use, and feature interiors that are full of daylight and experiential richness.”

AIA Offers Components Matching Grants for Scholarships
Future architects are receiving some financial help from today’s professionals, thanks to AIA Northeast Illinois. In conjunction with the national AIA component, the chapter has awarded three scholarships to students now studying architecture in college. These awards are just some of the funds the Institute distributes through the AIA Component Matching Grant Program, which leverages the scholarship resources of local and state components or their affiliated foundations.

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