Architects & Designers

Regardless of the size of your firm or the type of project, AIA helps you succeed by providing you and your client with the most reliable agreements and forms in the industry.

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Work with owners and sub-contractors with confidence, knowing you've got rock solid forms and agreements in place. AIA's easy to use software can save you time and help you to better manage your projects.

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Protect Your Projects with AIA Contract Documents

Easy to Use. Microsoft® Office based, AIA Contract Documents software makes it easier than ever to create, customize and manage your contract documents and project payment forms. Be sure to use the promo code located in the upper right corner of the screen when you enroll.

Fair & Balanced. Backed by over 100 years of case law, AIA Contract Documents are developed to be fair and balanced for Contractors, Architects, and Owners alike. Written and updated regularly by a diverse group of thought leaders from across the industry, these documents promote balance and collaboration among the parties.

Widely Accepted. AIA Contract Documents software gives you instant access to over 100 of the most time-tested and frequently used forms and agreements for construction and design. Contractors, Architects, Owners and Construction Lawyers agree that AIA Contract Documents are some of the most widely accepted in the industry.