Taller mass timber buildings are on the rise

Climate change. Housing shortages. Urban densification. In today's changing building environment, a growing body of leading architects, scientists, and engineers are choosing wood as the building material of the future.

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Strength & beauty

Modern wood products stand up to rigorous structural performance tests and offer endless possibilities. Wood's versatility is capturing the imaginations of top building designers.

Good for the economy

The forest economy employs 1.6 million Americans, ranking among the top 10 manufacturing employers in 46 states. Using North American forest products helps create jobs.

Lightweight & lower cost

The lightweight nature of wood can reduce foundation requirements and corresponding costs. Prefabrication provides easy workability that saves installation time and money.

Natural + 100% renewable

North American certified forests grow enough wood to build an 18-story building–almost 1 million board feet–every 6 minutes.

Lighter carbon footprint

Building with wood helps reduce global greenhouse emissions because we can plant new trees to ensure a sustainable forest lifecycle. The results? Cleaner air and better buildings.

Premium value

Because of its beauty and environmental sustainability, wood is in demand, commanding longer-term leases and higher sale values.